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un/Hushed: Celebrating Oral Histories of Black Female Educators in Mississippi 1954-1971
University of Illinois Press, coming in 2025

Poetry featured in unHushed. Read by Ashley M. Jones, Poet Laureate of AL.
Special thanks to Ashley Jones and all of the poets who contributed. Your artistry is deeply valued.

Built Slowly Reading by Emily Pettit
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From the Founder

Dr. Marlee Bunch

Ed.D., M.Ed., M.S., B.A.


Creator of the un/HUSH Framework

Author of The Magnitude of Us, Teacher's College Press, 2024 & un/Hushed: Oral Histories of Black Female Educators, University of Illinois Press, 2025.

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Bringing community and innovation to the classroom.
Dr. Bunch's experiences teaching at the secondary and post-secondary level, have allowed her to write curriculum, mentor teachers, create workshops, advocate for equity, and most importantly support students. Her research, teaching, and educational advocacy work seeks to illuminate the power of storytelling and history. You can learn more at or by contacting her.
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