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My love of education and commitment to students and equity is paramount. I have learned so much from working with students, families, colleagues, and trained professionals in my field. I am collaborative, creative, innovative, and determined to make education and our society a more equitable and inclusive place for all. 




"Having experienced first-hand the transformative results of working with and learning from Marlee, I write with my highest recommendation and the belief that Marlee's voice and vision can impact and make enduring change in communities across the country."

~ Brittany Collins (educator/author)

"I remember back in that classroom, Marlee told us about the importance of being a mentor. To guide and to help raise a young person up on a platform to fully realize their own capabilities. I am so grateful to know such a strong, intelligent, woman who I want to grow up to be just like. Her vast knowledge and ability to make people feel connected and challenged is unparalleled."

~ Charlotte S. (student)

"You've impacted me so much more than I could ever explain. I've carried the strong voice and confidence you instilled in me through my young adult life. I thank you endlessly for what you've molded in me. I can only imagine the hundreds of other students you've impacted as much as me."

~Alisha S. (student)




2021 Podcast, “Embracing Grief in the Classroom,” Heinemann Publishing Podcast, co-recorded with Brittany Collins. Heinemann Podcast Link "Embracing Grief in the Classroom":


2022 Podcast, “How Art and Storytelling Can Create Healing from Grief and Loss with Marlee Bunch and Kevin Hopkins,” The Power of Love Show (hosted by Michael Jackson’s nephews, TJ and Taj Jackson), The Dee Dee Jackson Foundation, available through Youtube, IHeart Radio, and Apple podcasts.

2022 Podcast, "Supporting Students in Their Journeys of Healing," co-recorded with Brittany Collins. Phenomenal Teaching Podcast (PEBC),


2022 Conference, Co-Presenter with Brittany Collins. Teaching Literacy in Times of Reflection, Resistance & Resilience. 

2022 Article, Inside Columbia, Juneteenth reflections reveal opportunity to improve health care access | Inside Columbia

2022 NCTE Post,

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