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Review resources to build lesson

Review resources to build lesson

Review resources to build lesson

Review resources to build and plan lesson

Review resources to build and plan lesson

Consider a lesson or unit that you are wanting to implement in your classroom

Consider a lesson or unit that you are wanting to implement in your classroom

Bring Culturally & Community Responsive Teaching to your Classroom

Getting Started

Bringing this framework into your classroom helps elevate all voices, illuminates history, and creates learning spaces that celebrate all students. This framework is interdisciplinary, actionable, and easy to use.


Review the framework and components 

Before beginning your lesson plan, make sure to have a good understanding about what each of the principles mean:


UN (uniting collectively/naming our positionality)I

H (histories) | U (unlearning) | 

S (stories) | H (healing).


Explore resources when considering lesson ideas

Consider a lesson or unit that you are wanting to implement in your classroom? To get started, explore our resource library for inspiration and ideas.


Consider your learning goals & state standards 

While in the pre-planning phase, make certain to consider what learning objectives and goals you have in mind. Consider what state learning standards are applicable.

This framework encourages you to be creative, lean on other resources, & modify as needed to support the needs of your classroom.

Resources + Templates Library

Explore our learning resources, lesson plans and ready-made templates to help you get started using the un/HUSH Framework more efficiently. 

Resources + Guides

Ready-made templates

Need a resource or template you don't see? Have a question? Let us know here!

Applying the un/HUSH Framework

Use the guidance below to create your lesson plan. 

Reflect on Histories

Identify the histories/oral histories that you will focus on for the H component of the framework.


What people will you elevate? What perspectives will you celebrate? Use the classroom implementation example for starting ideas if needed. Think about people or events that you wish you would have known about sooner in your life? These oral histories can be from people living or gone, community members, historical icons, etc. Whose histories and stories needs to be centered? Think of this as the unearthing portion of the process. 


Unlearn biases

Brainstorm how you will model the "Unlearning" component.

This can be done through a brief writing activity, bellwork, or a classroom discussion. The goal here is to bring forth any questions, misperceptions, or misinformation, so that they can be dismantled and corrected. You (the educator) should engage in this activity with your students. Think of this as your personal PD (professional development), and an opportunity for students to self-reflect and analyze information.


Share stories

Facilitate your students sharing out the Stories related to the topic.

Stories are bridges to understanding and connecting with others. As you facilitate students sharing stories, work to ensure a variety of stories are celebrated and shared. This is often done using the final end product of the unit or lesson. This might be an essay, a poem, a presentation, small group presentations, etc. The goal here is to allow students the chance to connect their own lives and lived experiences to the content from the lesson, which makes learning relevant and personal. This piece is important, as telling our story affirms our experiences, helps us connect with others, and has the potential to open us up to other's perspectives.


Foster healing

Inequities + injustices result in trauma and grief that requires healing.

As you unearth different histories and stories, consider how you will create an environment that is responsive in facilitating healing and positive relationships. This is the component that helps us celebrate the joys of histories. This can be accomplished through a larger endeavor such as a Socratic seminar or a Pecha Kucha presentation if you are wanting to extend the learning. It can be accomplished through a shorter activity such as a free writing prompt, human continuum, letter writing activity, or question for an exit ticket. 


Screen Shot 2022-11-10 at 2.11.04 PM.png
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Screen Shot 2022-11-10 at 2.11.04 PM.png

We're looking for people to share their story. How about yours?

Share your brief written story about how you have had to "unlearn the hush." Or feel free to share how you've used the framework in your learning space.

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